Return to Practice

Individuals wishing to reinstate their accreditation after a period of absence must show currency of knowledge, skills and competence.

Individuals who are not eligible to reinstate via the Recency of Practice pathway must complete a Return to Practice program, outlined in the Return to Practice Policy.


Should I tell ESSA if I am going on a leave of absence or am not planning to renew?
Yes. We will discuss the impact to your accreditation status, fees and help you understand what your requirements may be to reinstate. Please contact our office. 

I am thinking about reinstating my accreditation.What do I need to do?
Please contact the office at least 1 month before you are ready to reinstate to discuss your needs. Your requirements will be based on:

  • The length of time since you were last accredited with ESSA
  • If you have completed any practice and/or CPD during your time away
  • What areas you plan to practice in on your return 

I have been away for less than 3 years. Do I have any requirements to reinstate?
No. You can have up to 3 years without any practice. We strongly encourage you to complete some upskilling (e.g. CPD) to make sure you feel confident to practice.

I have not completed any practice while I was not accredited. Can I reinstate?
Yes. If you were away for more than 3 years you will need to complete a return to practice program. 

Do I have any requirements once I reinstate my accreditation?
Yes. Once you are accredited you need to meet all the standard annual requirements. For more information click here .

If you are on a return to practice program you may have different requirements- we will work with you to understand and meet these. 

What will my return to practice program look like?
It will depend on how long you have been out of practice and what you have been doing in that time. An overview is outlined below.

3 Years and below

More than 3 years, less than 5 Years

5 years and above

Pre return



Individuals should complete CPD to ensure their currency.


Pre return

Individuals must complete and submit:

  • Mentoring Plan

  • CPD Plan

  • Evidence of 10 CPD points including:

  • minimum 7.5 points from Further Education activities

  • Any other activities as determined by ESSA.

Pre return

Program requirements will be at the

determination of ESSA.

Post return



Post return

Individuals must complete:

  • 25 hours of mentoring within 12 months of reinstating.

  • Any other activities as determined by ESSA.

Post return

Program requirements will be at the determination of ESSA.


Updated December 2021