Scope of Practice FAQs

This page provides answers to questions commonly asked by accredited professionals about scopes of practice. 

Please refer to the Scope of Practice Policy and Decision Tree for more detail.  

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, can I provide hydrotherapy services?

Yes. Hydrotherapy is within the Scope of Practice of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 

Why are ESSA Scope of Practice documents referred to as foundational scopes?

ESSA scopes of practice are based on the relevant professional (competency) standards that underpin accreditation (i.e. ES Standards, AEP Professional Standards and ASpS & AHPM Professional Standards). Our professional standards and scopes of practice documents reflect the minimum knowledge, skills and capabilities of ESSA professionals.

In practical terms, ESSA scopes are the general profession scopes of practice.

It is expected that exercise and sports science professionals will grow their knowledge, skills and competence throughout their career e.g. by advancing or expanding their practice.

How do I determine my advanced scope of practice?

Advanced scope of practice is the demonstrated evidence of increased skills, reasoning, knowledge and experience leading to expert status in one or more areas of exercise and sports science practice.

Individuals may advance their scope of practice in a number of ways including formal study, gaining additional ESSA accreditations, and completion of in-service appropriate to the service setting.

It is important that in advancing your scope you can demonstrate that you have the competence to perform the activity. The Decision Tree is a good tool, and it is also good idea to consider what the industry standard of competence accepted for the activity is, and whether you can meet this.

What factors contribute to full scope of practice?

Full scope of practice is defined as the full spectrum of roles, functions, responsibilities, activities and decision-making capacity that individuals within that profession are educated, competent and authorised to perform.

What are expanded scope of practice activities?

Expanded scope of practice activities are those activities that are beyond the accepted scope of practice for your ESSA profession. Generally, formal education is required to gain the expertise and appropriate credentialing to perform expanded scope of practice activities.

Examples of expanded scope activities include manual therapies, and other professions (e.g. dietetics, physiotherapy).

Expanded scope of practice activities typically CAN NOT be used towards ESSA accreditation requirements (e.g. recency of practice and continuing professional development).

What is individual scope of practice?

Individual scope of practice describes all the knowledge, skills and competencies an individual professional has and can do. It’s a combination of foundational, advanced and expanded scopes of practice. It’s important to note that individual scope is ever changing, and can both narrow and grow over time.

Can I do this now? Decision Tree  is a tool to help an exercise and sports science professional determine where in their own individual scope of practice a service or activity might sit. It is important with any services you provide that you can demonstrate, when asked, that you have the competence to provide that service.