International Applicants

Exercise Physiology Accreditation for International Graduates


The International Exercise Physiology accreditation pathway is open to graduates from an overseas tertiary institution who: 

  • Have at least four years full-time equivalent (FTE) study with a focus on clinical exercise physiology. 
    This may be (for example) four years which covers both exercise science and exercise physiology or three years of exercise science plus a one and half year post graduate qualification in exercise physiology 
  • Have undertaken at least 500 hours of professional practice comparable to ESSA's practicum requirements  including:
    • 140 hours of exercise science practicum
    • 360 hours of exercise physiology practicum

Applicants for exercise physiology accreditation must meet the accreditation requirements for both exercise science and exercise physiology. All applicants must gain exercise science accreditation (AES) via the non-accredited course pathway before applying for the international pathway

Exercise Science Accreditation



The international pathway has two stages:

  1. Desktop review of exercise physiology qualifications and experience
  2. Assessment of exercise physiology knowlege and practical skills:
    • Standards & Compliance module
    • Theoretical exam
    • Practical exam


How to Apply:

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