Sports Science Accreditation:

What is an Accredited Sports Scientist?

Accredited Sports Scientists are university-qualified exercise and sports science professionals who provide expert advice and support to coaches, athletes, and teams to help them understand and enhance sports performance; adopting evidence-based, quality-assured practice to evaluate and develop effective strategies or interventions in training and/or competition.

What distinguishes an ASpS from “a scientist who works in sport” is their whole-person perspective on sports performance. This approach is acquired through tertiary-level qualifications which include foundational knowledge across the primary disciplines of anthropometry, biomechanics, motor control and learning, physiology, psychology, and training methodology, together with advanced, integrated, or applied studies in one or more of these areas.

ESSA offers ASpS at two levels: Accredited Sports Scientist Level 1 (ASpS1); and Accreditated Sports Scientist Level 2(ASpS2)

For further information, please refer to: What is an Accreditated Sports Scientist?

ASpS1 Accreditation Pathways:

There are two pathways depending on the course you completed:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in exercise, movement science or sports science and currently hold Exercise Science Accreditation (AES) with ESSA.
  2. NB. Pathway 1 applicants must apply for Exercise Science Accreditation first.

  3. Minimum masters degree in sports science.

ASpS2 Accreditation Pathways:

There is one accreditation pathway for ASpS2

  1. Minimum masters degree in sports science and hold ASpS1 with ESSA
  2. NB. Applicants must apply for ASpS1 first

Before You Apply:

  • Have your photo ID and official, final transcript signed by a suitable notary.
  • De-identify any evidence which may be sensitive and that you do not have permission to share.
  • Ensure you submit a complete application. Incomplete applications will not progress.
  • An application fee will be payable via our online payment gateway when you submit. This fee is in addition to the accreditation and/or membership fees.
  • Note that we reserve the right to ask further questions/request for further evidence.
  • By submitting evidence with your application you are giving ESSA permission to validate it with the relevant third party.

Helpful Resources:

How to have your documents signed by a suitable notary Download here
Which documents need to be officially translated? Download here
What evidence should be de-identified? Coming Soon
AsPs Support Guide More Documents
Other documents to support your application View here

Application Processing Timeframes and Fees:

ASpS1 Pathway 1: ASpS1 Pathway 2: ASpS2 Pathway 1:
Application Processing Timeframe 10 business days 10 business days 10 business days
Application Fees

*Application fees are non-refundable

$300 incl GST $300 incl GST $300 incl GST
Assessment Processing Timeframe

*Please be aware there is no ability to fast track applications

Approximately 15 weeks*

*The assessment queue may fluctuate based on the number and complexity of assessments. Please use the assessment timeframe as a rough guide. 

Reassessment Process Two reassessments are allowed. If you do meet all requirements, your assessment will be finalised as declined.
Reassessment Fees

For Administration Evidence - $20 incl GST
For Assessment Evidence (Non Accredited) - $70 incl GST

Accreditation Processing Timeframes 10 business days 10 business days 10 business days
Accreditation and Membership Fees

*Membership and accreditation fees are non-refundable.

View the annual accreditation and membership fees here. The accreditation fees are calcualted pro-rata on when the application is approved.
  • Once approved, you will receive an invoice for the accreditation (and membership, if option is selected) fee.
  • First time members will receive a 25% introductory discount on first year membership fees.
  • If you are working 20 hours or less per week you may be eligible for a part-time discount on the membership fee. Please contact ESSA at [email protected] for more information.
  • Only one of the above discounts applies at a time and fee discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.


An eligibility assessment will help determine which pathway is best for you. You can complete the eligibility assessment via the apply now tab below.

The online application form includes information on:

  • How to have your ID signed by a suitable notary
  • How to complete the assessment
  • Types of suitable evidence
  • Types of suitable experience
  • And much more.


To access the application form, click "Apply Online" below.

If you still have questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

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ASpS1 Pathway 1: ASpS1 Pathway 2: ASpS2 Pathway 1:
Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in exercise, movement science or sports science Minimum masters degree in sports science Minimum masters degree in sports science
Pre-requisite Hold AES Accreditation N/A Hold ASpS1 Accreditation
Requirements 360hrs of supervised professional experience within the sports science scope of practice 2years FTE experience within the sports science scope of practice 5years FTE experience within the sports science scope of practice
Requirements Meet ASpS1 Professional Standards for Accreditation Meet ASpS1 Professional Standards for Accreditation Meet ASpS2 Professional Standards for Accreditation
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