Application Resources

Forms, examples and guidelines for all accreditation types. 

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Professional Standards

Professional Standards for Accreditation and Scope of Practice documents for:
  • Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES)
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
  • Accredited Sports Scientist (ASpS)
  • Accredited High Performance Manager (AHPM)

Common Documents

Provisional Accreditation

Exercise Science

 Template  Example 
 AES Professional Standards Assessment Form    
 Record of Student Engagement (ES) -Accredited Course      RSE- ES Example
 Record of Student Engagement (ES)- Non-accredited course  
 Exercise Science Practicum Logbook    Exercise Science Practicum Logbook - Example
 Exercise Science Practicum Supervisor Form           
  Practicum Guide 

Exercise Physiology

 Template  Example 
 Record of Student Engagement (EP)    RSE - EP Example
 Apparently Healthy Logbook  Apparently Healthy Logbook - Example
 Apparently Healthy Supervisor Form  Apparently Healthy Supervisor Form - Example
   Cardiopulmonary/Metabolic Logbook - Example
 Cardiopulmonary/Metabolic Supervisor Form  Cardiopulmonary/Metabolic Supervisor Form - Example
   MSK/Neurological/Neuromuscular Logbook - Example
 MSK/Neurological/Neuromuscular Supervisor Form   
   Other Clinical Hours Logbook - Example
 Other Clinical Hours Supervisor Form  Other Clinical Hours Supervisor Form - Example
 Practicum Guide 

Sports Science

Record of Student Engagement (SpSc)
Sports Science Logbook Template
 Level 1 Standards and Elements Assessment Form   
 Level 2 Standards and Elements Competency Form  
 ASpS Supervisor Report
 Work History Form
 Practicum Guide 

High Performance Manager

 HPM Standards and Elements Competency Form
 Work History Form