Professional Standards

ESSA is committed to ensuring ESSA members and accredited professionals meet a high standard. The resources on this page explain these expectations and what individuals need to show to become accredited, act professionally and stay accredited.

Membership and Accreditation Standards Overview

Code of Conduct & Complaints
All ESSA members and accredited professionals are required to abide by the Code of the Conduct. Breaches of the Code can be investigated by ESSA when a complaint is received.

ESSA Code of Professional Conduct & Ethical Practice  Complaints
Suspended/Expelled ESSA Professionals List

Professional Standards for Accreditation
These pages outline the key requirements to gain an ESSA accreditation.

Professional Standards for Accreditation
Practitioner Accreditation Policy

Maintaining Accreditation
These pages outline the various requirements for an individual to keep an ESSA accreditation.

How to Maintain ESSA Accreditation  Continuing Professional Development
Professional Indemnity Insurance  Mandatory Declarations
Recency of Practice  Return to Practice
First Aid and CPR  English Language

Scopes of Practice
ESSA Scope of Practice documents outline the general capabilities for the accredited professions.

Scopes of Practice

Other Professional Standards

ESSA Advertising Guidelines
ESSA Privacy Policy
ESSA Fit and Proper Person Policy
AEP Rural Generalist Professional Standards